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  • Am I the right age to start Pilates?
    Pilates is for anyone, you are never too old or too young to start participating in Pilates.
  • I have never really done much exercise will I still be able to benefit from Pilates?
    Yes absolutely whether you are a pro athlete or never done much activity, there is a program for you and after only a few sessions you will feel the benefits. The sooner you start the better!
  • How will I feel after a Pilates class?
    Wonderful! You will feel so aware of your body, your alignment and your ability to breathe. You will probably want to stand and sit more correctly and generally be aware of an improved posture and new muscles.
  • What should I wear to my Pilates class?
    Come to class feeling comfortable, whether it be loose clothing of tight fitting. However I will need to see your body moving, so clothing that doesn’t allow that, makes it hard . You will be removing your shoes and maybe your socks.
  • I suffer from back pain and see a medical practitioner/physio/chiro, can I do Pilates?"
    You will need clearance from your practitioner, generally they will support you doing Pilates, and I am happy for them to contact me. Generally, Pilates will help your pain or discomfort and since you have to have an assessment you can be assured that your program will designed around your individual needs.
  • I have scoliosis will Pilates help me?
    Absolutely! During your assessment and classes you will be guided on ways to strengthen your body to cope with your scoliosis.
  • I have osteoporosis can I do Pilates?
    Absolutely! As your muscle tone increases over time, so you will be able to increase the weight and resistance of your workout and this will help increase your bone density.
  • Can I do Pilates when I am pregnant?
    Yes. If you have never done Pilates before you need to wait until the second trimester. I will design a program specially for you and you can do Ante natal Pilates right up to your delivery date.


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