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I started dance classes at a young age doing highland dancing, modern, ballet, tap, jazz, latin american, ballroom, and any other dance class that was available to me.

From my dance background I went into teaching and competing in aerobics and strength training.  It was then that I discovered Pilates and it changed my life. For the last fifteen years I have taught Pilates in New York, London, Pietermaritzburg and Durban. 

I opened my first Pilates studio in 2013 and have had the privilege to teach a wide range of people ranging from the elderly across to professional dancers. 


We live in a world that is moving so fast and we are constantly running, working and pushing ourselves both physically and mentally and we are not kind to bodies, even in rest.

I believe in educating my clients and helping them to become aware of their bodies and to become knowledgeable about their movements and themselves.

Each and every person is unique, I need my clients to know that, and to leave each session or conversation knowing that what I have advised them to do is unique to them. It is my desire for everyone to feel freedom from doing Pilates.

Allison's Pure Pilates
Allison's Pure Pilates
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